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Happy Friday! Things I’m loving right now


The Marmot Angel Fire sleeping bag. I got this cozy baby on super sale in 2008 or 2009 at REI. 600+ fill down means it’s good for camping in 20 degree weather.  And the nylon is so luxurious.  More than one boyfriend has questioned which I loved more — them, or my sleeping bag.

Paddock boots. The brilliantly creative Meredith Ries suggested these cost-effective ($40 including shipping!) and all around awesome boots.  I recently bought a pair in black and wear them everyday.  They are super comfortable, synthetic (yay, animals!) and quite water resistant if not waterproof.  I am 110% confident they will stand up to some serious city walking and chores at the Schacht Farm — where I get all of my local, hormone-free and free range chicken, eggs, and bacon and where I will soon be volunteering. The boots are intended to be a cure-all for my shoe collection — I dream of having only a few pairs of shoes, and these Paddock boots may well be the foundation of that dream.

Grapeseed oil.  I ditched my expensive ProActiv products and went all natural and more importantly, simple and cheap — and my skin is loving it!  Each night, I massage small amount of straight grapeseed oil into my face, then wipe off about half with a tissue.  It removes excess oil, dirt, and makeup beautifully.  And then, in the morning, my face is hydrated and awesome — kind of like I just got a facial.  For real.  I also bought some jojoba oil, which is most similar to the skin’s natural sebum, and made a daytime moisturizer using 1/2 jojoba + 1/2 grapeseed + a few drops of sandalwood oil.  In the mornings, I exfoliate my face with a korean washcloth and castile coconut soap, then put 5 drops of the moisturizing blend on my face.  Then, I apply makeup.  I’ve even heard of women who don’t even wash in the morning using grapeseed oil at night — just a splash of water or wet washcloth in the morning, then makeup!  I’ve been breaking out a lot in the past few years, so I’m sticking to scrubbing in the morning.  Hmm, I guess I’m not the only one who’s into this!

Just a few thoughts here on the things I’m loving right now — because they make life more versatile and streamlined.


  1. Ooh, love these recommendations! I have been using organic olive oil infused with lavender (from our garden) for body and face moisturizer. I love knowing it is chemical free and earthy. I love it on my body, but for my face it is a bit oily – go figure. I can only put it on every other night before bed. I love your idea about the grapeseed oil/jajoba! Brilliant. I have to try it. Also, I confess, I don’t wash my face in the morn. It is a fine balance. Too much washing dries out my skin. (And I don’t wash with anything fancy). Thanks!

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    • Little 900

      Frugality fail. I just bought a $80 bottle of multicorrecting pore refining something or other I got a sample of from Sephora and then decided I needed desperately. So much for saving money, and for the Buddhist precept about self adornment (i.e., caring too damn much about how you look). Gah.

      Also, this Castor Oil trick proved cumbersome for mornings and evenings. And now that the weather is warming up, it’s breakout weather again. Now using sandalwood soap in the mornings and the Castor Oil wash at nights. The grapeseed oil moisturizer is making way for the expensive stuff.

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