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Asian woman lying down in a white bed

I was born in Manila to a Korean opera singer-cum-expat mom and banker dad. From the start, I was hyper-sensitive, energetic and apocryphally “too much”.

When I was in my teens and twenties, I wanted to save the world. I still do, but my methods have changed and I decided to start with myself, first. (See: Meditation)

I’ve studied Political Science (though I should’ve majored in Anthropology), Yoga, Buddhism and Business. I’ve dabbled in a lot of things, and know enough Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, neuroscience, psychology, capoeira, scuba and rock climbing to be dangerous.

In 2017, I lost a lot of things—mostly dreams. I write about them and how to survive heartbreak in a time of groundlessness. And how to emerge a warrior wielding love. I’m currently writing and traveling. And I’d like to meet you on my travels and find out what practices would help you find your place in a Love Army in a rapidly deteriorating, approaching dystopian world.

For a more traditional run-down, please see my LinkedIn profile.


Here is a running list of my goals with my website, as it evolves over time:

October, 2017. To turn my tears into words. And also to keep working towards a training manual for the spiritual warriorship called for today.

October, 2017. To cobble together the chapters of an inspiring and practical guide for new spiritual warriors. A book I will write to feed this growing Love Army a nourishing diet of courage, #wokeness and mindfulness.

March, 2015. An outlet for ongoing spiritual reflection as I embark on a journey to shift careers, beginning with applying to business schools.

September, 2011. Thought leadership to build out my presence as a newly certified Yoga teacher.